My5Drivers is a game for 2 competing players based on watching of real Formula races.


Game essentials:
  • Two players create their own My5Drivers teams, each consisting of 5 Formula drivers
  • The players keep the same drivers in their teams until they change them
  • The players gain points after each Formula race, according to the driver’s placing in the real Formula races.
  • The number of points is then multiplied by the financial value of one point set by the players at the beginning of the game.
  • The players play for real money which makes watching the Formula races even more exciting.
The aim:
  • to get more points in a Formula season ( winning the season) and defeating the opponent ( the other player)
  • to win money over the opponent


My5Drivers represents a revolution in watching Formula races.


The reasons for playing My5Drivers game:
  • My5Drivers will bring incredible excitement to watching Formula races.
  • You will experience competition with your opponent.
  • You will experience excitement lasting till the very last second of each Formula race.
  • You will never be bored when watching Formula races.
  • You will never miss any Formula race thanks to My5Drivers.


Would you like to experience all this? Register yourself and your friend (your opponent) for the My5Drivers game!


Application is available for Android and IOS.

My5Drivers application is provided for free for the first 3 races (trial version). A one-year licence for the further races in the season must be purchased to go on after the trial version has expired. The symbolic licence fee of EURO 2.00 covers the costs of data management necessary for the My5Drivers game running.

Good luck with your choice of drivers and enjoy the thrill linked with a brand new experience of watching Formula races with the My5Drivers game.


My5Drivers game is not based on betting, gambling or hazard. It only involves competition of two players who are provided results by the game provider. The money paid to the winner is an independent part not linked with the service provided and is not the provider’s liability. Whether the money won in the game is paid or not is strictly the clients’ responsibility and a matter of fair play independent of the provider.