The game is designed for two players (opponents) and it is based on watching the current season of Formula races.


Both players select their 5 drivers for their My5Drivers teams at the beginning of the game according to the following procedure
  1. The right of the first choice (the choice of the first driver) is won by the player who achieves the higher number in a drawing (generated by the programme). This player (further player A) has the right to choose the first driver out of the list of all drivers taking part in Formula races in the particular season.
  2. The second choice is made by the opponent (player B). Player B chooses the first driver for his My5Drives team from the drivers remaining on the list for the season. After his choice both players (player A and Player B) have 1 driver in their teams, each of them a different one.
  3. Player A continues and chooses his second driver for his Formula team from the drivers remaining on the list.
  4. Player B continues and makes his choice of the second driver of his My5Drivers team from the drivers remaining on the list, i.e. a pilot nobody has chosen yet. (Players cannot have both the same driver in their teams.)
  5. Player A chooses his third driver.
  6. Player B chooses his third driver.
  7. Player A chooses his fourth driver.
  8. Player B chooses his fourth driver.
  9. Player A chooses his fifth driver.
  10. Player B chooses his fifth driver.
Each player thus has 5 Formula drivers . Each player has different drivers.
Drivers cannot be changed during the season! If a driver does not take part in a race, disregarding the reason, he cannot be replaced during the season. Drivers can be changed after the end of the season (before the beginning of the next season) which always means 10 points subtracted from your score. You can only change your driver for a driver available, which is a driver who is not in your opponent’s team.


Players set the financial (monetary) value of one point at the beginning of the game. For example 1 point = EURO 1.00 (USD, CZK, etc.) or 1 point = EURO 5.00 or another according to their decision. The financial value of one point cannot be changed during the season. You can change the financial value of one point after the end of season (before the beginning of a new season).


Points are awarded as follows:
  • If one of the players changes a driver from his team for a new driver, or adds a  driver instead of a driver not taking part in the races in that particular season, his score is debited by 10 points per 1 changed driver. The right of the first choice during the change of driver before a new season is held by the player who won fewer points in the previous season; it means the player who lost in the previous season. The second choice is to be made by his opponent, again at the price of 10 points subtracted from his score. Each player can change as many drivers as they want to. It means that each player can change all 5 drivers who they have in their teams, but only for drivers available on the list at the moment of choice. These are always the drivers remaining on the list who are not in the opponent’s team and who take part in the races in the particular Formula season. Drivers cannot be changed during the season even if the pilot has been injured or terminates his participation for any reasons.
  • Points which drivers (chosen by the players for the game My5Drivers teams) get for placing in real Formula races are awarded to My5Drivers players after each race. These points add up.


The points for the season of 2016 are formerly established as follows:

1st place = 25 points
2nd place = 18 points
3rd place = 15 points
4th place = 12 points
5th place = 10 points
6th place = 8 points
7th place = 6 points
8th place = 4 points
9th place = 2 points
10th place = 1 point


  • Points for the winning team – the winning team is the player’s team achieving the higher score of points after all races. This brings the winning player additional 40 points.
  • Points for the World Champion – 50 points are awarded for the World Champion (the player who has the world champion in his team is awarded additional 50 points.) If none of the two players has the driver who becomes the world champion in their teams, the points are not awarded.
  • The last points added up are the points for the final placing of drivers in the whole season according to the following chart:

1st place = 15 points
2nd place = 14 points
3rd place = 13 points
4th place = 12 points
5th place = 11 points
6th place = 10 points
7th place = 9 points
8th place = 8 points
9th place = 7 points
10th place = 6 points
11th place = 5 points
12th place = 4 points
13th place = 3 points
14th place = 2 points
15th place = 1 point

The total My5Drivers game score includes:
  • team points gained for placing in the races in the season ( the total gained by all 5 chosen drivers),
  • points for the final placing of drivers in the whole season,
  • points for the winning team
  • points for the world champion.


Overall winner (season winner) is the player with the highest total number of points in the season. The winner takes the sum you get when you multiply the difference in points scored by the players by the set financial value of one point.


Example: Player A’s final score is 250 points. Player B’s score is 300 points. (300-250 = 50) player A lost by 50 points and is obliged to pay Euro 50.00 to player B (if 1 point = EURO 1.00), or e.g. EURO 250.00 (if 1 point = EURO 5.00).


The players who lose the game must pay the sums to their opponents.


My5Drivers game is not based on betting, gambling or hazard. It only involves competition of two players who are provided results by the game provider. The money paid to the winner is an independent part not linked with the service provided and is not the provider’s liability. Whether the money won in the game is paid or not is strictly the clients’ responsibility and a matter of fair play independent of the provider. In any case My5Drivers game is not based on hazard.