What is necessary to do for playing the My5Drivers? Read the instructions and Dos and Don’ts, please.


1.    My5Drivers Rules and Mutual Agreement

First of all, read the My5Drivers rules carefully, together with your opponent (friend)!

Consider drivers who you would like to have in your My5Drivers and agree on the financial value of one point. Make an agreement with your opponent before you start the registration procedure.

Note that we only provide the players with results of their My5Drivers and with information regarding the amount won or lost. Follow -up payments are fully up to the players and depend on their fair play and honest agreements!  (The money paid to the winner is an independent part not linked with the service provided and is not the provider’s liability.)

Once agreed, it is the right time you start installation, registration and playing My5Drivers game.

2.    Application installation

Download and install the application to your smartphones or tablets. (Both – you and your opponent.) You will find more details of how and where to download the My5Drivers application in the Application section on the game’s website. You can also look up and install the application directly in Google play and App Store.

3.    Registration

The registration procedure is very simple. Enter your nickname which you are going to use for playing the My5Drivers game and which you will use for the rest of the time after creating your account.

Then enter the password which you will always use for log in.

Entering your email address is important for potential forgotten password retrieval. We will send the password to your email address if you forget it. Tick the Acceptance of the Terms icon and click on REGISTER. And that is all.

4.    Choice of opponents – linking your accounts

It is necessary to find an opponent now. You have to know their nicknames. Write your opponent’s nickname in the box and click on SEARCH. If you entered the nickname correctly click on CHOOSE. It is enough to be done by one of you. Your opponent will have to accept your offer.

5.    Drawing the right of the first choice of driver

It is necessary to decide who will have the right of first choice of driver. This right is to be drawn. Both players must click on DRAW and a number from 1 to 6 will be generated for each player. The player whose number is higher can choose the first driver.

6.    Choosing the drivers

Drivers for your 5-member teams are to be chosen in this section. The player who won the right to choose his driver first in the previous step starts. The other player must wait. Click on the REFRESH icon in the upper right-hand corner of the application to speed up or solve problems. The players change turns and choose their drivers until they have 5 chosen drivers each.

7.    Setting the financial value of one point

The financial value of one point must be set now. This is the sum to be paid by the opponent per won point. This value is to be set by the player who drew higher number in step 5. The other player might either accept or refuse the value. When refused, a new value must be set by the first player.


And now, you have joined the game!